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How to set browser homepage on

Android smart phones and tablets

Smartphone and tablets are great for browsing the web so here's how to set your browser homepage on Android.

There are a number of browsers which you can download for Android including Dolphin, Opera and Firefox. However, there are two effectively 'default' browsers which we're going to stick to for this guide the Android browser and Chrome.

How to set browser homepage on Android

Android browser

The standard Android browser is likely to come pre-loaded on your smart phone or tablet.

It's typically called 'Internet' or 'Browser. Here's how to set your homepage in the Android browser.


Step One

Locate and open the Android browser. It might be on your home screen but you can definitely find it in the app menu.

than Open


Step Two

Hit the menu button which is either, depending on your version of Android and skin, three lines next to your home button or three dots.


Step Three

Now click Settings.


Step Four

Open the 'General' section of the settings menu.


Step Five

Now click 'Set homepage' at the top of the screen.


Step Six

Here there are multiple options for setting your homepage.

The easiest is to click current page but you can also type the page by selecting 'Custom page'.

Click on Current Page or Set Custom Page to Default Homepage.


Setting Homepage for Android Chrome

Google Android devices are also likely to come with Chrome, possibly as well as the Android browser.

Unfortunately, the Android version of Chrome doesn't allow you to set the homepage.

Instead it will show you a selection of suggested pages based on your browsing habits.



 Benefits of setting Default homepage for Smart Phone Browser to

  • Fast Loading HomePage

  • all Majot Search Engines on Single Homepage Page.

  • Top websites on single click.. no need to type Url like  (Facebook, youtube, Gmail...) each time you open your Browser.

  • Saves your Precious Seconds you waste in typing urls.

  • thats it...


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